Kelly M

Kymberly's Story

At nine years old, an older girl threatened me until I submitted to a sexually humiliating act. At 14, a friend’s mom filled my weekends with porn, dirty magazines, and […]

Tanya's Story

Coming from a broken home and an abusive stepfather, I was 23 years old, newly divorced, addicted to cocaine and sex. A friend of mine was a topless dancer in Philadelphia, […]

Nicole's Story

A letter from your sister- There comes a time when you’re in the sex industry where no matter how much attention you receive, no matter how much money you make […]

Felicia's Story

When I was about 5 or 6, I would get on the church bus that came to my apartments on Sunday morning and took me to a children’s ministry where […]

Jaime's Story

Chaos was pretty normal growing up in my house. By the time I was five years old, my parents had divorced and I was left with two families that did […]

Christmas Poem for Strippers - Night before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through my city Ladies were stripping, and feeling so pretty. Their hair and makeup were done with such care, In hopes that a customer […]

The Agnostic, Christian and Porn Star…..

What does an Agnostic, Christian and Porn Star have in common? All three were at the Exxxotica Porn Convention this past weekend. We each attended for our own reasons, but […]

Drag Queen Evangelist?

Recently a group of Christians armed with hate gathered at a gay pride parade in Seattle with intent to protest the gay community. Their motives were quickly exposed, and a drag […]