Nicole’s Story

A letter from your sister-

There comes a time when you’re in the sex industry where no matter how much attention you receive, no matter how much money you make or clothes, jewelry, shoes, cars, and houses you possess, it’s not enough anymore to take one step further into that life. The payoff doesn’t measure up to the destruction going on inside your body. You feel your mind begins to become cloudy, thoughts and feelings get lost in trying figure out how the hell you ended up here. Your eyes no longer see freedom, beauty, and adventure, but an invisible prison cell. With no escape in sight, your body grows old; you’re no longer “new,” so compromise after compromise you begin the things you said you would never do. Your heart turns cold after all the humiliation and violence endured. Your body is no longer a place where your soul lives but some mere object for others to enjoy. 
Girls like us have all had that moment of defeat when we realize the sex industry is an illusion of lies purposely webbed to brainwash us into thinking it is a game to be won. That realization that the ones who win are not the US but Them (pimps, boyfriends, club owners, porn makers, marketing companies and an abundant amount of the male population as a whole.) It is so overwhelming that many of us begin to pimp ourselves in creating a complete fantasy inside our heads to make it all come together in a way that makes this lifestyle our choice, our purpose, our destiny.

My beautiful sisters still chained to the sex industry – this is not your fault, not your purpose, not your worth and certainly not your destiny! Many others and I are living proof that you can escape! I am proof that dreams do come true. 
I plan to work the rest of my life to build a better system that allows women and girls a way out and better yet sever the way in. But it’s your strength and faith that is ultimately the way out. Your willingness to grab hold of the new and let go of old is the key. To learn from those who came before and create a better path for those coming after you is the bonus prize door. Once you can take that key and open that door life becomes what it was always meant to be.
Your true destiny waits…join us. 
Nicole Tynan

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