Tanya’s Story

Coming from a broken home and an abusive stepfather, I was 23 years old, newly divorced, addicted to cocaine and sex. A friend of mine was a topless dancer in Philadelphia, so I went to audition.  I didn’t care for the topless thing, but I liked performing. I loved feeling in control, and if I smoked a joint, I was truly in another world. I worked in North Jersey and took the name Mercedes. Every time I worked, I danced. I loved to dance especially high, and I loved the way men looked at me and desired me. I would drink and smoke pot the whole time while using my best friend, “Coke.” It didn’t matter to me what people thought of me; I was in control of my life, of men and women. I was popular, and when my 25th birthday rolled around, there were 300 people at my party at a club I worked in Dayton, NJ. I lived to party, have sex and do drugs. I slept during the day and worked at night.

One year later I would find myself in a club in NYC, where I met a man from Columbia with an enormous bag of cocaine. My friends and I went to his hotel room and smoked coke all night resulting in me overdosing from cocaine. The people I was partying with resuscitated me and took me to a hospital. I was scared straight for about three months.Then, I thought I could go back to work, but I was wrong. I found myself, after being up for three days, sitting in the rain wishing my life would end. Then I heard this still small voice saying, “It’s my turn now!”  You see when I was 16 I turned my back on God and said I didn’t need his help. Now He was calling me back again.This time I listened. I packed a bag, got in my truck and headed to my cousins. Within one week I was saved, baptized and filled with the Spirit of God. I haven’t looked back since.

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