Adult Industry Outreach Training Date:  Date T.B.A.

Kelly Master, Director of Emerge is a passionate leader who regularly trains teams to outreach the adult industry in their communities. Kelly is recognized for her fierce tenacity, passion, and knowledge of adult industry outreach. She is a sought out leader and speaker with a great depth of experience. To inquire about hosting a training at your facility contact:

Comments from past attendees:

“The training was a fantastic time. I remember one of my team members who was formerly in the sex industry just cried the entire time because it touched her so much. She felt like she came away with a better understanding of herself. Definitely an event not to be missed.” – Jodi D.

“The Training that Kelly and her team led was very relevant and extremely insightful. My eyes were opened to some harsh truths. The training provided very clear processes and useful tools on how to minister the love of God to the people involved in the sex industry. Kelly has a huge heart of compassion for this group not only the ones in the industry but also the ones fueling it.”- Garrett P.

“It was a real eye-opener.” – Lanna A.

“Never in a million years would I have thought that I would attend a Strip Church training. PERIOD. I would probably be the last person I ever thought would, but I did and I will NEVER be the same. God used this training to change my life FOREVER…. I encourage you to go out and hear why they do what they do. I guarantee you your life will not be the same afterward. For me chains were broken, my eyes were opened, my heart was softened, a passion and a fire stirred up in my soul and a deeper and clearer picture of the love of Christ forever imprinted in my heart. Like I said before I am forever changed. Jesus loves Strippers and so do I”. – Rachel W.

“This training did not disappoint! Kelly’s presentation of the material proved that she was well-informed, and her passion for extending love to people in the sex-industry is infectious! Very interesting and well-done.”- Peg G.


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